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MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat prides itself on caring for dogs as if they were their own. We are proud to be New Orleans FIRST black-owned dog care facility specializing in overly anxious dogs.

MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat was founded by Courtney McWilliams in the Fall of 2015 due to Courtney needing a pet sitter for her dog, who suffered with severe separation anxiety.  Courtney knew that she could not be the only one in the area who found it hard to find a trusted dog sitter who understood pet anxiety and depression. As a Social Worker, Courtney understood how separation anxiety and depression could play a major role in the lives of children; she found this to be true with dogs.

Courtney combined her years of experience as Social Worker with her love for dogs together to focus on reducing a dog’s anxiety and/or depression while their pet parents are away. She understand how hard it can be find a sitter who will care your dog as if it’s their own, therefore she focuses on giving each and every dog one on one attention.

Realizing that each dog is different, MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat does not utilize the one-size fits all approach. We focus in reducing anxiety and depression through specialized enrichment activities that includes keeping the dogs in smaller


group settings maintaining a 1 to 5 ratio, structured play time with best friends, individualized attention, and tailored activities designed to stimulate the mind while increasing confidence and self-control. 

Our specialized enrichment activities is offered with each service.

Since opening MaryMac's, Courtney continues to push the boundaries when it comes to engaging her audience and customers. She has since began speaking to women worldwide about powers of networking and growing their business. She has been featured in The New Orleans Magazine, The Biz Mag, The Southern Jewish Life Mag, HerGrit Mag and a host of many other publications.

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1470 Annunciation St, Ste 3105, New Orleans, La 70130 |

Tel: 504-351-8991


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