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Anxiety Reduction Tips 


MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat was founded by Courtney McWilliams in 2015 to give pet parents an alternative option for dog boarding and pet sitting. We focus on reducing anxiety and depression in your dog as we understand how hard it can be to find adequate care for them.

We understand that your dog is like your child, because we have dogs, too. As pet parents, we know what works best for our dogs and what does not work. For many dogs, they are not comfortable in large group settings. Sometimes your dog will display agitation, aggression or isolation. This is why we focus on caring for your dog in smaller group settings. This method allows your dog to flourish. We will help your dog develop their social skills, reduce their anxiety and depression and build their confidence.

In this PDF file, you will exactly learn how to reduce the anxiety of your lovely doggies. 

  •  An overview of Dog Anxiety

  •  5 Tips on Identifying anxiety

  •  5 Tips on understanding anxiety

  •  Provide 10 Tips to reduce their anxiety

  •  Overview of choosing the right doggie daycare for your dog.

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