The Spa Services that your dog Deserves.

Spa Services 


Our soothing day spa with luxuriously tranquil surroundings and intuitive care is designed to enhance your pet’s physical and emotional well being. MaryMac's Doggie Retreat offers a wide array of spa and grooming services specifically designed to pamper your dog.

Regularly scheduled grooming not only helps your dog look and feel good, it is also an essential part of maintaining optimal pet health. 

  • Spa Bath – a therapeutic, massaging, warm water bath, includes brush out, fluff dry, ear cleaning/plucking and nail trim - $35

  • Mini Spa Groom – a touch-up service with sanitary trim, feet scissoring, pad shaving, minor scissoring and clipping, includes spa bath -$55

  • Deluxe Spa Groom – a full body haircut to suit your dog's breed, personality and lifestyle, includes spa bath - $65

A La Carde Services

  • Hot Oil Wrap – adds moisture, suppleness and elasticity to the coat and skin - $8

  • Sauna Wrap – medicated treatment soothes and relieves itchiness and hot spots $8

  • Aromatherapy – a deep tissue massage with lavender or mint to help reduce stress $8

  • Fresh Facial – a blueberry facial to help with remove the tear eye stains$8

  • Pawdicure – nails are trimmed, filed with a dremel to smooth rough edges and a nail conditioning balm is applied for nail suppleness and protection -$8 

  • Spa Pawdicure – a moisturizing paw pad massage is added to the sports service - $12

  • Nail Pawlish – an application of pet-safe nail polish just for fun - $5

  • Oral Hygiene – includes teeth brushing and minty breath freshener - $12

Spa Day Customized

Specific prices for bathing, grooming and certain other spa services are determined through consultation and vary depending on breed, size, coat condition, cooperation in grooming and type of services requested. Please call us, we will be happy to discuss prices for bathing, grooming and other spa services with you. Safe, clean and fun, MaryMac's Doggie Retreat is the ultimate pet destination.

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