MaryMac's Calming Treats

Our all-natural calming treats are made fresh to order using ingredients from local farmers in Louisiana. Each yummy batch of dog treats are infused with CBD Oil.


Ericka, Manager at Pet Rescue

The CBD treats have been awesome. We did notice a difference in behavior, especially with our fosters who tend to get over stimulated at a certain point, understandably so when living at doggy daycare. I will also say I LOVE the way they smell and so do the dogs. The other manager here, Maddy, has a very picky dog who won't take any treats and often won't finish his meals yet he gobbled down the peanut butter ones and spent the rest of the day side-eyeing me for more. I will most definitely be ordering more !

Bogdan, Dog Owner

I like the play on names for the treats. My dogs hate thunder and rain so much that they're constantly shaking. I used these treats and they actually feel relaxed.

As for my parents’ dogs, which on occasion they have stomach problems, I used the pumpkin flavor treats to help them regulate their system without forcing them to eat pumpkin.

Great treats and great effects!

Claire, Dog Owner

My big pit - Cupid Man gets sooo nervous during storms AND on top of it has a very sensitive stomach. Her calming treats helped tremendously and didn't upset his stomach! THANK YOU for helping my poor Cupid Man!

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