Is your Dog Suffering from Boredom?

I am FAR from a dog trainer, but I am a Social Worker. One thing I know for sure, when a child is bored, they are often disruptive. The same is true with dogs. When a dog is described a loud, bad, defiant, deviant, or destructive…..9 times and out of 10, the dog is just really bored; especially with large dogs. Dogs need both, exercise and mental simulation to be happy and healthy. Often times, when a dog is confined to a small area or space, they often struggle with boredom. Bored dogs are bad dogs…. that means they’re digging in trash cans, jumping on countertops, chewing on shoes and running out of the door the first chance they get.

Negative behaviors associated with boredom

· Excessive barking or whining

· Chewing on furniture, shoes, clothing or objects

· Wrecking the trashcan or digging

· Scratching at furniture or rugs

· Following you around

· Tail chasing

· Pacing

· Excessive licking

Combating Boredom

1. Exercise time or Play time

This is very vital for any dog of any size. Frequent walks and playing will ensure that your dog is happy, healthy, and TIRED. A tired dog is a good dog. Aim to walk your dog twice a day and add in some playtime.

2. Doggie Daycare

This is an alternative option for the busy pet parents who really do not have the time available to give their fur baby.

3. Toys! Toys! And More Toys!

We often take trips to PetSmart or PetCo to pick out toys. Dogs love toys just as much as children. Allowing them to open the toy is so rewarding for the dogs. It simulates them mentally and also it gives them a challenge.

4. TV time

Dogs love TV as much as their parents. Lol. In my home, I noticed that Gabbana loves to watch The Bernie Mac Show and Sponge Bob. Often time, this will allow them to relax and engage them.

5. Doggie Playdates

Doggie playdates are the best! This also assists your dog with overcoming anxiety, it gives them a chance to play with others if they are the only fur baby, as well as teaches them socialization skills.

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