Do you know how to offset your dog's moody or antisocial behavior?

I know my little shih tzu is moody and he’s a loner. At times, he does not do well socializing with other dogs especially in large group setting. Let’s not talk about when it is time to go to the vet or a park with other dogs, he will often do the unthinkable. Gabbana is known for urinating on others (especially me), clawing at my feet and attempting to climb up to my shoulder, all in attempts to get away from other dogs.

In the beginning stages, I thought something was wrong with him, however after researching and speaking with his vet, I realized that Gabbana suffered with separation anxiety and social anxiety. Now this could have been due to him being the only fur baby and being sheltered all of his life or it can be due to him having a bad experience at some point in time. Who knows. But below are a few short simple tools that you can use to assist your fur baby with socialization techniques.

1. Start by taking your dog to places such as a park or maybe a dog park. However when going to a dog park, go during off peak hours so that it is not as stressful for your pup. The purpose of getting your dog out of the house is to assist him or her with socialization. This will aid in assisting them with lowering their anxiety.

2. While out, reward his/her positive behaviors. Try not to reward the negative behaviors as you’ll be reinforcing negative habits.

3. Dogs that suffer with social anxiety of others dogs, allow them to mingle with other dogs of the same size one on one, such as doggie play dates. Pay close attention to their triggers. Remind them that they’re safe. Gradually introduce dogs of larger sizes. But make sure it is one on one.

I hope these short simple tools will assist your fur baby with lowering their anxiety of other dogs. I noticed that Gabbana is doing better with his socialization skills and he is not anxious.

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