Cool Gifts to Give to a Pet Parent

Last night I was browsing the mighty mighty web when I came across several pictures of doormats being sold by etsy. I thought to myself "How cool would it be if I had one of these doormats?". Then I yelled "I gifting these as birthday presents to all of my friends that are Fur Parents!".

Below are a list of my top 5 gifts to give a Fur Parent for their birthday. Oh hell, why not give it to them for the dog's birthday!

1. Dogs Welcomed, People Tolerated! When I tell you I screamed to the TOP of my LUNGS! I felt like this doormat was so me. lol


2. There's, Like a Bunch of Big Dogs in Here. As you know, I board dogs, and many times I want to tell my guest before coming over, there's like a BUNCH OF BIG DOGS IN HERE so don't say I didn't warn you.

3. Owner is Shady, Dogs are cool! Do I need to say more? Lol

4. Crazy Dogs Live here, Do Not Knock, They Will Bark, I will Yell, Shit Will Get Real! HA!!! This is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE doormat. It seems like every time the FedEx guy gets out of his truck it is mayhem in here. But needless to say, this doormate is my next purchase. lol

5. Hope You Like Animals and Kids Because Its A Zoo Inside. This reminded me of one of my good friends. She's constantly saying how it's like a zoo in the house with two small kids and dogs. lol

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