Simple Yet Effective Ways To Reduce The Dog Odor In Your Home.

To know me is to know that I can not stand my home to have an odor. Especially, a dog odor. Since being a fur parent to a shih tzu and often times caring for other dogs in my home, I take simple steps to ensure that my home always smell pleasant. Many of my friends often ask me for tips on how to reduce or eliminate pet odors.

I have listed a few steps to ensure that your home smells pleasant and inviting at all times.

1. Daily cleaning. I often times clean the area that the dogs are in daily. Ensuring that I clean with either bleach or vinegar. I found white distill vinegar to be the best method for cleaning my home with dogs because it not only eliminates the dog smell but it also sterilizes the area too. Also you can also try adding baking soda to the mix of your cleaning tools. (I'll post a blog at a later time on DIY cleaning solutions for pets).

2. An air purifier. I leave the air purifier on a low setting in a common area of the home. This ensures a constant circulation of clean and fresh air in the home. Sometimes depending on how I am feeling, I may even place a small bit of purperee into the filter of the air purifier (I know it is deemed a country, but what the heck, I am as country and southern as they come lol).

3. Bathing the dogs weekly. I like to ensure that the pups in my home smell fresh at all times. Therefore, I give my dog a bath weekly. This also helps with eliminating or reducing an odor in the home.

4. Washing dog toys and beds. Although I can admit, I do not wash dog toys and beds on the weekly basis, I make sure that it is done every two/three weeks. This a major part of making sure that there is limited smells/odors in the home. Cleaning their belongings also ensures that their are no pathogens and limits their risk of getting sick due to being around or in dirty items.

I hope that these simple steps can help!

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