My Two Loves: Social Work & Dogs

Courtney at the Atlanta Pet Fair and Conference

This was my first year attending the Atlanta Pet Fair and Conference in Atlanta Ga. I did not have many expectations as this event was focus more on grooming than boarding. However, there was a lot of great information presented. As many of you know, I am a Social Worker by trade however, I am transitioning into pet care. I wanted to blend my education and years of training in Social Work with my new found love for pet care.

Well, now I have a clear path on doing so. While attending the conference, I met with a series of presenters that specialized in reducing a dog’s anxiety, reducing aggressive behaviors, and decreasing depressive behaviors.

I met with the owners of South Bark Professional Pet Products. I was introduced to CBD oil. CBD stands for Cannabidoil (hemp oil). It is a strand of cannabis with similar effects without the THC. (Refer to the blog about CBD for more information). CDB is used to reduce a dog’s anxiety as well decrease any pain that they may be experiencing.

Lastly, I met with the owners of The Dog Gurus Company. Their focus was on training staff and agencies on the Dog Daycare 2.0 Model. This model assists dogs that suffer with anxiety to reduce their anxiety and/or behaviors in a social setting. It allows for the day care staff to have a more structured day with the dogs while implementing enrichment programs designed to stimulate the dog’s mind.

All of the seminars were mind blowing and I am excited to have met the presenters. MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat will began to implement both CBD and Enrichment Programs in our Day Pawty Service.

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