Spring Obsessions

Hey Y'all!!!

It is OFFICIALLY Spring. Well, at least I think it is...lol. I am truly obsessing over the warmer weather and I am in love with going to the park with the dogs just to blog.

Since I am obsessing over Spring, I figured I could also share what dog fashions I am currently obsessing over too!

Below are my top five Spring obsession for dogs.

1. This cute little shirt is apart of the Ellen DeGeneres collection at PetSmart. I thought it was really cute and simple shirt for Spring. It also has a cupcake on it to demonstrate that your dog likes cake too. lol

2. It seems like I am falling in love the with Ellen DeGeneres collection at PetSmart. This bag is actually really durable and fashionable. Although I am not sure if this bag is unisex, I would wear it as if it is. If you get a chance, go to PetSmart and check out her collection.

3. I think this shirt speaks for itself! Lol. I found this cute shirt on Esty.com recently. This seems to be Gabbana's moto: My bed and my mama...that it! lol

4. Spring means more showers. Especially, in New Orleans. I found this raincoat on Esty.com. I thought this little raincoat would be a great necessity for all dogs of all sizes.

5. This personalized toy basket is really cute and durable. I also found this on Esty.com. I know in my home, since there are dog toys all over the floor, I figured I could invest in a personalized basket for Gabbana to assist with maintaining his area of the house.

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