Spring Into DIY Projects

The artwork of Decor by the Shore

It's Spring and it is time to "spruce up" the house with some new artwork!

DIY Paw Prints seems to be the current crave amongst pet parents everywhere. It's a wonderful way for pet parents to bond with their fur babies as well as a way create wonder works of art in the sun.

I actually found this art activity on Pinterest created by Décor by the Shore. I figured it'll be a great project for Gabbana and I. When creating the paw prints, I noticed that I was not able to do this alone. I needed HELP! Simply because, like many dogs, Gabbana was unable to focus, lol.

Let's get started! Here is what you will need:

  • Non-toxic paint or a stamp pad

  • Foam brush

  • Creative paper for paw prints

  • Paper for printed names

  • Markers (Black or Colored)

  • Picture frames

  • Scissors

  • Newspaper or boxes to cover the grass (or floor)

  • Bucket of clean water and something to wash off paws

  • Treats

1. First, wash and dry the paw you’ll be using. Then brush the pads of your dog’s paw with a light coat of paint, and gently press the paw onto your paper (this step may take several tries).

2. Wash them paws off! Make sure to use some soap and completely wash off the paws. Reward your fur baby with some treats for playing along.

3. Print out your dog’s name on a separate piece of paper. Use markers to fill in the name and make it stand out.

4. Frame it, hang it up, and adore your new artwork!

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