Six Dogs and a Picture

Whew!!! Let’s Talk about the weekend.

Well, Easter has come and gone, and what an amazing time it was. I decided (foolishly) to go to the park with six dogs to take pictures! Boy when I tell you that was taxing!!!! No one listened….and I even had help! Lol.

Needless to say, I ended up going to the park multiple times because I needed to break those bad boys up. The purpose of going to the park was to take some nice pictures of the dogs at play. Although I got a lot of good pictures, we all were exhausted by the end of the day.

Here are some successful tips to use for taking pictures with multiple dogs.

  1. Bring back up! The more assistance or help you have the better. I recommend for every two dogs have one person.

  2. Bring snacks! Many dogs will listen more if you have snacks. They have a one track mind, getting the snacks. So that means using the snacks to your advantage.

  3. Lighting is your best friend. Make sure you angel yourself according to the lighting as bad lighting will mess up a good photo.

  4. Snap for your life! Dogs are like children, they won’t keep still for too long therefore snap as many pictures as possible. I suggest using burst shots if using a camera phone.

  5. Rewards. Remember step number 2, bringing snacks? I hope you have plenty because you’re going to need it. Reward the pups for their good behaviors by giving them some snacks.

  6. The background is EVERYTHING. Keep your background clean and clear of clutter and junk. Your background and make or break the picture.

  7. Get down and dirty. Simply get down to the dog’s level. These shots are the best.

  8. Get Creative. The more creative you are the better.

All in all, I used each of these steps during my multiple photoshoot in the park. Have fun and artisitic. I’m going to go figure out my next social media pose.


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