Why not WIN April's Dog of the Month?

Say Cheese!!!

It's April and that means, your dog still has a chance to win do of the month!

In March, Hercules won dog of the month with his wonderful smile. Don't miss out on a chance for your dog to get some lovins' from our loyal followers. Submit their best selfie today!!!

To enter, simply submit your dog's best self to mmdoggieretreat@gmail.com by March 15th for a chance to win one of our pawties. You may chose from Slumber Pawty, Day Pawty, or Workout Pawty.


1. Send your dog's best selfie to mmdoggieretreat@gmail.com by the 15th of the month.

2. You can only entire your dog once a month.

3. You can only win once within a twelve month calendar period.

4. Service must be used within 90 days of winning.

5. Only Valid for one service.

6. Only valid for one dog (not valid for multiple dogs. Must pay additional fees for additional dogs).

7. Winners will be broadcast live via Instagram on the 20th of the month. An email notification will follow.

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