How are you living your best life?

I'm Living My Best Life! (In my Cardi B voice lol)

How will you and your pup live your best life this summer? Maybe poolside? Maybe even on the road with planned and unplanned summer traveling? Who know’s.

But as I look at Gabbana, I can’t help but to think about how we will spend our summer. I played with the thought of attending Brunch/Lunch Dates and Day Pawties all summer long. I think I like this idea more than ever now. Day Pawties all summer 2018!!! Ha! I'm living my best life. BOL

With that being said, below are my top five tips for keeping your dog cool all summer long.

  1. Portable water bowl and water.

  2. Portable Fan (trust me, you and your dog will think me later).

  3. Chill Dog Cooling Collar.

  4. Scheduling outside activities during the cooler times of the day (i.e: when there is less sun and more shade available).

  5. Cutting your dog's hair cut short/low (this is known to the groomers as summer cuts). The shorter it the hair the better.

These tips will help you and your best bud get through the hot dog days of summer while living your best life. Lol.


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