Pet Friendly Stores

Did you know that there are at least 10 nationally known stores that are pet friendly? I didn’t either, until one of my loyal followers sent me a link. That prompted me to go on the hunt for more information.

I was able to compile a list of 40 pet friendly stores. This list was truly surprising and delightful since I am natural born shopper (that’s my vice lol). It only made sense for me to test out my shopping options with Gabbana, therefore I headed to the nearest pet friendly store which as Lowe's. I was shocked by how welcoming everyone was with my dog accompanying me on my shopping excursion.

This experience has opened my eyes on how pets are treated when they're out shopping with their pet parents. I knew that times were changing on how pets are viewed but I was not aware of how fastly stores are becoming more and more welcoming of pets, in particular dogs.

Below is a list of nationally known pet friendly stores.

  1. Grander Mountain

  2. Academy

  3. Micheal's

  4. Hobby Lobby

  5. Ross

  6. Sephora

  7. Half Price Books

  8. Abercrombie & Fitch

  9. Ann Taylor Loft

  10. Tiffany & Co.

  11. Bath & Body Works

  12. Hallmark

  13. Lowe's

  14. Home Depot

  15. Pottery Barn

  16. Macy's

  17. Bass Pro Shops

  18. Barnes and Noble

  19. LUSH Cosmetics

  20. Restoration Hardware

  21. The Gap

  22. Bloomingdale's

  23. Urban Outfitters

  24. Free People

  25. Foot Locker

  26. Bebe

  27. Nordstorm

  28. Old Navy

  29. Saks Fifth Avenue

  30. Tractor Supply Co.

  31. The Apple Store

  32. Crate and Barrel

  33. Home Goods

  34. JoAnn's Fabrics

  35. Marshall's

  36. Neiman Marcus

  37. Pet Co

  38. PetSmart

  39. TJ Maxx

  40. Strand Bookstore



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