What does your dog hate?

There are many things that pet parents do on the daily bases that their dog's hate! Since they have no voice or say on the things that they dislike the most, many dogs will just tolerate it. However, they are secretly wishing that we stop doing the following things.

1. Giving Hugs......

Hugging is a huge thing for dogs. They actually hate to receive hugs from humans. If you think that I am lying, pay attention to your dog's facial expression or body language the next time you lean in to give him(her) a hug. Hugging is viewed as a threat because they lack arms and it is looked at as a form of dominance. In some cases, the dog will act negatively upon receiving a hug. But many of our fur babies will just "put-up with" receiving a hug, but trust me they are not happy about it.

2. Invading their personal space.....

Similar to the hugs, many dogs do not like when you invade their personal space. This includes patting on the head, giving hugs and looking them directly into their eyes. Also try to avoid putting your hands in their face, towering over over them, or rushing towards them. When this happens, the dog may go into defensive mood and he/she may lash out. Think about it, will it make you uncomfortable when someone do these things to you, so why would you do it to your dog?

3. The Lack of the RSR (Routine, Structure, and Rules).....

I say it all the time, dogs are like two year old children, they need ROUTINE, STRUCTURE, and RULES! Dogs flourish when there is a daily routine, structure, and rules to follow. This also stimulate their minds and gives them something to look forward to. RSR also helps your dog to develop an internal clock which gives them something to look forward to. In addition, RSR helps to reduce a bored unhappy dog. (Check back for more information on bored dogs).

4. Being left alone or ignored.....

Dogs are like humans, they are also social creatures. Dogs generally do not like being left alone. This leads them to developing separation anxiety. Dog Day Care would be a great option to offset separation anxiety. MaryMac's Doggie Retreat offers a Day Pawty option to help to reduce the dogs anxiety (see Day Pawty under the bookings tab for more information).

5. Looking directly into the eye.....

Staring into your dogs eyes is not a way to show affection, you are basically establishing dominance war with your dog. If you are smiling and baring your teeth, you're basically telling your dog "Let's go to war" or "prepare for battle". You may want to rethink this as your dog will begin to display some aggression.

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