The Hottest Trend for Weddings

Have you noticed the latest trends in weddings lately? I have…. It’s DOGS!! Brides and grooms everywhere are including their fur babies in their wedding to celebrate their special day.

For many people, their fur babies play a really important role in their life. It ranges from an emotional support dog to being a surrogate child. Either way, dogs are apart of the family and should be included in as many activities and festivities as possible.

Having your fur baby be apart of your special day will not only make it memorable for you, but also for your guest.

Below are some tips to consider before casting the leading role for ring bearer.

Know your dog’s personality- Knowing their personality and temperament will assist you in determining which role is best suited for your dog.

Know your own personality- Do not add additional stress to an already stressful day. Be relaxed and enjoy your day.

Determine your dog’s role- by knowing the temperament (personality) of your dog, it’ll be easier to determine the role for your dog.

Consider the venue- ensure that the venue is pet friendly.

Anticipate the unexpected- this is self explanatory.

Inform your attendee’s that your dog will be present- this will give them a heads-up that your dog will be participating in the wedding.

Hire a pet sitter – see MaryMac’s Bridal Pawty for more information.

Rehearsal – Prepare, prepare, prepare. The day before the wedding, allow your dog to become familiar with the surroundings and practice their part of the ceremony.

Have a flexible game plan – plan your dog’s role and responsibilities, but be flexible in case he runs off course.

If you are considering having your fur baby be apart of your wedding, contact us for information on how we can assist you.

Warm Wags and Hugs,

A Woman and her dog

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