Dogs Like Beaches Too

It’s officially summer time! That means sunbathing, swimming, and beaches! Yes, beaches. If you are anything like me, you are a sucker when it comes to beaches, dogs, and margaritas! To be honest, this sounds like so much fun right now, I should put down the computer and run towards the beach now. Lol.

If you're considering taking a random road trip to the beach soon, keep in mind that not all beaches are dog friendly. This sucks, I know. But below, I have compressed a nice little list dog friendly beaches for all beach bums (man, woman, child and dog) to enjoy.

# 1 Fort Myers Beach, Florida. I hear this is the place to be! Fort Myers Beach is known for their dog friendly rules. This beach is actually known to be the best dog beach in the United States. I will be traveling there this summer. Updates and pictures coming soon.

#2 Huntington Dog Beach, California. This beach is located roughly ten miles from Disneyland. This will be a great options for families traveling with small kids as everyone will have something to enjoy. At Huntington beach, dogs can run around, leash-free for over a mile across the sands and waves.

# 3 Montrose Beach, Illinois. If you are visiting Chicago anytime soon with your beloved fur baby, check out Montrose Dog Beach. This local, city vibe beach is located on the corner of Lake Michigan. With city beaches, come city prices. Montrose Dog Beach is $5 to access the dog friendly areas.

#4 Jekyll Island Beach, Georgia. For those southern folks looking for a good get away, head down to Jekyll Island in South Georgia to enjoy some sun and waves with your four legged baby. Trust me, they’ll thank you with warm wags and smiles.

#5 Galveston, Texas. Galveston is the place to be with your furry friend. Texas is known for the heat and great barbecue, I don't see why beaches can't be included in the mix.

#6 Sanibel Island, Florida. Florida seems to be the place to be for dogs and beaches! Sanibel Island is known for its emerald coast and white sands. Bring a camera for tons of photo ops.

These beaches are some of the best America has to offer. I would say it would not hurt to try them out. I know for me and Gabbana, we love being in the sun and near water. Our plan is to visit Fort Myers within the up coming weeks.

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