Stinky Breath? No Problem…

We all have experienced a time when we have encountered a dog with stinky breath. It’s breath taking and not in a good way, right? I know for me, I instantly say “um, yeah about that breath, you need to fix that bud” lol. A dog having stinky breath is almost as bad as someone having stinky feet and not knowing it. lol

What causes bad doggie breath? I’m glad you asked. Bad breath is not normal! However, it caused by periodontal disease, bacteria deposited in a film like substance on the tooth, other wises known as plaque. The plaque is developed into a mineralized layer of debris which is known as tartar. These bacterial is toxic to the gum tissues which leads to gum irritation, infection and pain and eventually tooth loss. No one wants a toothless dog, besides, doggie dentures haven’t been invented yet. Lol

How do you fix it? Well, the best way of fixing doggie breath is by contacting your local vegetarian and inquiring about a dental cleaning. This is the best option for catching any bacteria or concerns regarding your dog’s oral health.

After visiting the vet and introducing your dog to dental cleaning, I recommended cleaning your dogs teeth regularly, as in brushing thier teeth. There are many options available for at home dental cleaning, but don’t use human toothpaste!! Use the toothpaste that is specially for pets. To make it easier, I recommend using the flavored toothpaste such as poultry or beef, it’ll help.

You can also use dental chews. They help! I recommend using Blue Buffalo Dental Chews for Dogs Virbac C.E.T., VeggieDent Dental Chews, Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats, Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog Treats or Milk-Bone Brushing Chews.

Also remember that genetics play a huge role in your dogs breath too. Yes! Their genetics play a huge role. Consult with your veterinarian on whether or not genetics play a role in your dogs oral health.

**Please consult with a veterinarian for the best option available for you and your dog.

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