Exercise…. Your Dog Needs It too!

As we all know, good health is vital and it is easily accessible, however, have you thought about the health of your dog? Trust me when I say that your dog, yes even your small toy dog, wants to be healthy too.

How do you maintain your dog's health? Do you have a good routine? How much exercise is your dog getting on the regular bases?

Your Dog needs and wants to EXERCISE! I do not want you to think that I am yelling at you, but your dog, no matter how large or small, needs regular exercise to promote good health.

I have complied a list of my top reasons to get your dog outside and moving.

  1. Workouts- working out with your dog daily helps to promote strength and well being. Going outside to for walks or runs will increase your dogs confidence, keep them young at heart, and gives your dog a routine.

  2. Changes the Mood- exercising on the regular basis’s also changes your dogs mood for the better. This helps to reduce your dogs depression, anxiety, and improves their mental health.

  3. Increases Mental Health – small walks in the park allows your dog to increase their short term memory and increases their happiness level.

  4. Boosts their Immune System – getting out of the house for daily exercise increases their immune systems to fight out illness and diseases as well as increasing their level for vitamin D.

Exercising with your dog regularly will help to improve their confidence, reduce injuries and promote all around good health. If you have any concerns regarding your dog's health, contact you veterinarian.

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