Why Choose MMDR?

At MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat (MMDR), we believe in smaller group play are better options for dogs. Many dogs prefer to be in smaller settings opposed to larger settings. According to recent studies, only 40% of dogs enjoy large group play (six or more dogs). At MMDR, we have designed an interview process that helps us to understand your dog a little more. During the interview, we focus on evaluating your dogs behaviors and any signs of stress. This helps us to identify if your dog will enjoy enjoy smaller group play.

We firmly believe in structured play time and rest time. This allows for your dogs to enjoy off-leash playing, build their social confidence, and promote positive mental health. This is why we follow the dog daycare 2.0 model. The Dog Daycare 2.0 model allows for structured play time and rest time, enrichment activities, individualized attention tailored to your dogs need.

As a pet parent to a shih tzu named Gabbana that suffers with social anxiety and separation anxiety, I understand how hard it is to find a sitter that understands behaviors. At MMDR we pride ourselves on specializing in anxiety and depression in dogs. We have designed enrichment activities tailored your dogs temperament and behaviors to help reduce their anxiety while you’re away.

Understanding that all dogs do not work well in large groups, we designed our group play activities of no more than five dogs of similar size. This method allows for us to track changes in their behaviors, reduce aggression and decrease anxiety.

This new model sets us apart from the rest while we are blazing the trails. We also think that dogs and pet nannies are much happier with this model.

Contact our Pawty Consultant to schedule an interview today!

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