Prescription Drugs? Really?

There are so many prescriptions drugs out there for pets now-a-days that it mind blowing. Many of our beloved dogs are taking the similar, if not the same types of prescription drugs that we (as humans) are taking. The medication ranges from Tramadol, Rimadyl, steroids, Gabapentin, Prozac and Xanax.

Like humans, dogs also experience potential side-effects of using these drugs. The common conditions for prescription medicines may include allergic reaction,diarrhea, unknown pain, and possible seizures. Unlike humans, they are unable to verbalize the the side effects of the drugs.

Because of this, pet owners are beginning to search for alternative ways for treatment such as holistic treatments or natural alternatives to pet prescription medication. The best alternative to pet medication is proper diet and natural supplements. Much like humans, if it’s possible your dog will prefer that you change their diet and take natural supplements as opposed to taking prescription medicine for the rest of their lives (if possible).

As a pet owner who is considering a more holistic pet care approach, it’s important to find the best health regimen for your pet. Whether that means using pharmaceuticals alongside natural supplements, or switching to only natural supplements for your dog. Remember, each dog is unique, therefore the "one size fits all approach" is not recommended.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on the best holistic treatments for your dogs. If you have any questions about plant base supplements or prescription drugs, please be sure to speak with your vet on the best options avaible.

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