Is it Halloween Already?

Yep! Halloween is fastly approaching, and that means that the kick off of the holiday season starts next week!

But as we prepare for Halloween and all of it's fun activities, lets not forget about our four legged friends.

There are several activities that you can participate in with your best buds. But the most exciting activity is dressing your dog up! Yes, I truly love seeing all the dogs in their wonderful costumes. I bet you do too! They are so cute, but with all of that cuteness, many of our four legged friends despise getting all dressed up.

Please pay attention to your dogs body language when dressing them up for Halloween (or any other holiday). Often times, they will become overheated or dehydrated due to the extra clothing. Try to stay vigilant while you're out and about.

Another great activity that you guys can go part take in, is pumpkin patch! Most patches allow dogs as long as they are on a leash. Just call your local orchards ask about their policies.

Lastly, something can do with your dog is to simply RELAX. Yes relax, let’s just face it, Halloween can be every over whelming to our furry friends at times. So why not give them a small break so they can rest up and enjoy the kick off the start to the holiday time.

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