Why are you Thankful?

It’s Thanksgiving! Yes, Thanksgiving is next week. That means we will all gather around our family and give thanks.

This year, Thanksgiving is extra special for me. During this time, I will have the chance to really get a chance to reflect on all of my accomplishments and connections that I made this year. I want to tell each and everyone of you Thank You from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to grace your emails with tips, events, and DIY projects for your dogs.

However, this post is not about me, it is about how to keep your dog safe for Thanksgiving.

Below is a list of tips for a fun and festive Thanksgiving with a happy and healthy dog. No ones a sick dog.

  • Turkey: If you are feeding your dog turkey, make sure you are feeding them small bites of well-cooked, boneless turkey meet. Under-cooked turkey can result in your dog getting sick from salmonella bacteria. Also, the bones can choke them.

  • No Bread Dough: Raw bread dough can be harmful to your dog. The dough can rise in your dogs’ stomach and cause abdominal pain, bloating, and vomiting. If you must feed them bread, make sure that it is cooked.

  • Stop the Begging: I know this may seem impossible, but I am here to tell you that it very much so possible. Bringing healthy treats or snacks to feed your dog at the dinner table would be helpful. Also setting ground rules with guest, letting them not to feed your dog or what treats, will also reduce the begging.

  • Prepare for emergencies: We all know, anything can happen. That’s why it is better to be prepared than not to be prepared. If you are traveling, have a copy of your dogs’ vet records with you and the contact number to your primary veterinarian. Having a list of nearby veterinarians is a good idea too.

  • Go for a walk: OK, I know you just ate a ton of food, now you want to take a nap, well so does your dog. But going for a walk or jog right after will be extra special for your dog because they are burning calories.

  • No cakes or pies. Chocolate can be harmful for pets, even though many dogs find it tempting and will sniff it out and eat it. The artificial sweetener called xylitol – commonly used in gum and sugar-free baked goods – also can be deadly if consumed by dogs.

These are a list of tips to help keep your Thanksgiving Holiday fun and safe. If you have any questions as it is related to your dog, please contact your primary vegetarian.

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