It's Black Friday! What are you buying?

It’s Black Friday!

Do you remember the old school tradition of Black Friday? Getting the sale ads on Thursday morning, sitting at the kitchen table with grandma (or your aunts) reviewing the ads for the best deals. Then everyone getting their assigned stores and items to purchase. Followed by a quick nap and out of the door in the wee hours on Friday morning with hot cocoa or coffee.

Yep! I remember those days too. But they are not too far gone, you just have to start black Friday shopping on Thursday. Lol. I am not even sure what they call Thursday, besides Thanksgiving.

However, for all you wonderful bargain shoppers. I have created a list of go-to-stores for the hottest dog related gifts. About two weeks ago, I created a blog around gifting dog parents, but this blog post is just about dog related gifts (Do you see the difference? Maybe not… that’s ok).

A Dog's Purpose

A devoted dog (Josh Gad) discovers the meaning of its own existence through the lives of the humans it teaches to laugh and love.

Armarkat Pet Bed

This pet bed is made of a heavy duty canva and it is soft plush with waterproof and with a skid free base. This is perfect for older dogs or for dogs that have accidents a lot.

Mr. Peanut's Dog Carrier

This dog carrier is a great gift idea for those you travel a lot. Mr. Peanut's Dog Carrier is airline approved! The next time you’re heading out on vacation, bring your best friend along for the trip. This luxury tote is designed to keep your dog calm, safe and secure while traveling.

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