Are you watching Pawmas?

Welcome to Pawmas!

This year I have decided to participate in PawMas. Pawmas is similar to Vlogmas. What’s Vlogmas you ask? Well, for those of you who do not know, Vlogmas is a celebration of YouTubbers coming together to share a day to day activities preparing for Christmas via video-blogging, aka Vlogging.

Well for me, it will be a little different. I will she sharing my day to day activities however I am including dogs! Yes dogs. No telling what you may see. However, I have vowed to post daily via YouTube, IG, and Facebook.

I will be vlogging everyday leading up to Christmas. So that means, you will see me, the dogs, and all of craziness for 24 days leading up to Christmas. I know during this time, I will be traveling. So that means I will be discuss the anxieties of leaving your dog with a pet sitter or a kennel for a few days.

This is will my first time participating. I hope you are excited as I am! I won’t do too many edits to the footage because I want you all see the bloopers and my true life as a dog daycare owner.

If you have not already, follow me on Instagram: @mm_doggieretreat, Facebook: MaryMac's Doggie Retreat, YouTube: MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat.

Remember, Pawmas starts December 1st.

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