How healthy is your dog?

How healthy is your canine companion? Is he/she getting the right amount of exercise, nutrition and vaccinations?

Remember your dog wants to be healthy and active just like you. Here are some tips to help keep a happy and healthy dog!

Consider changing your dogs diet to increase their life expectancy and reducing health concerns.

  • Move to a more grain-free diet

  • Introduce super foods like (omega 3 fatty acids, coconut oil, eggs etc)

  • Increase daily exercise and play time

Dogs are not meant to stay indoors all day and night. They need some type of physical

activities. We recommend 30 mins - 60 mins a day.

  • Getting your dog spayed or neutered can help reduce health concerns

  • Keeping up with vaccinations, heart worm, and flea treatment.

  • Brushing your dog's teeth

  • Cleaning your dog's ears with a warm damp rag

Most Important know your dog's breed and any genetic health issues that may develop in your dog's future, use preventative care to help reduce future health risk.

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